So much for our left-wing conspiracy. The very latest NYT Best Seller List for Nonfiction incl. 'A Time for Truth' by Ted Cruz at No. 7.
RT @amitabhchandra2: Excited to use @natesilver538's "The signal and the noise" in my econometrics class at @kennedy_school
RT @oliversacks: What do animals think and feel? @carlsafina's Beyond Words offers an intimate view of animal behavior and neurology http:/…
@bysamro No, it's a book of aphorisms. The sequel to the Bed Of Procrustes
By Harry Turtledove
@tomdar2 My point exactly. Along those lines, have you read "The Guns of the South"? It's fiction so not documentation but it's fascinating.
Got my copy of @koci & @jrue's new book "The Principles of MM Journalism" ( Well done, gents.
By John Milton
"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven." — John Milton, Paradise Lost
@lauraboton Bummer! So sorry. You'll want @normanvanaken's "New World Kitchen," then. I'll eat my Panama hat if that one disappoints you.
By William Shakespeare
Not your father's Shakespeare! OTHELLO directed by Iqbal Khan at @thersc. Missing my dad, @sreeniv #sreekespeare
Just finding 2010 book on humans & other animals by @halherzog: "Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat"
By Andy Weir
RT @heathwblack: Andy Weir, author of the Martian posted on reddit two years ago about his book not catching on. Patience paid off. https:…
The first people I follow on Twitter to recommend The Martian? @tomstandage and @romanmars in July *2013* within a day of each other.
By J. K. Rowling
RT @nypl: Ever wonder how J.K. Rowling plotted Harry Potter? It all started wtih a spreadsheet . . .
By John Green
We're off: John Green, #Vidcon co-founder and author of "Fault in our Stars" opens
RT @petersgoodman: “How many distressed babies does AOL pay this guy?” extraordinary @time excerpt of @deannafei GIRL IN GLASS