By Kurt Andersen
RT @billinomaha "True Believers" was most prescient ab drones. //Thanks for noting that.
Stayed up late reading "Game of Thrones," dreamed Jon Snow and I were best buds, all, "what'd you do today?" "Oh, you know, Wall stuff."
This biography is kinda amazing. Samuel Steward slept with everything that moved.
By Leonard Richardson
@robinsloan Please tell me you've read Constellation Games. Totally Sloan-core.
I do think young people should read Who Moved My Cheese?
RT @oljuman: Reading: "Things a Little Bird Told Me" by @biz. Fascinating read on the power of creativity. #inspiring
"Factory Man," by Beth Macy, debuts at no. 10 on NYT nonfiction bestseller list. Janet Maslin's review:
RT @prasanna: "So although active trading produces some useful liquidity, most of it just produces statistical noise"
RT @natexanderson: New paperback edition of The Internet Police launches Aug 18. Looks extremely sharp!" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">
@ashwinpat Social Physics which tries to characterize the physics of social behavior& ideas transmission, etc
By Matthew Bogart
$20 is a deal for a signed hardcover of @matthewbogart's The Chairs' Hiatus, one of my favorite webcomic stories:
Old bios sell ebooks. "We Two" abt Queen Vic & Albert, & "Franklin & Winston" by @jmeacham, hit NYT ebook list years after 1st publication
By Andy Weir
RT @uncjschool: Read about Vermont Royster's @wsj legacy in "Thinking Things Over" by prof. Chris Roush @talkingbiznews:
By Neil Gaiman
RT @verge: Starz is developing a series based on @neilhimself's American Gods
By Suzanne Collins
I thought the final Hunger Games book was supposed to be unfilmable. I guess not.
Must read by @amychozick & @xanalter: on Ed Klein's "Blood Feud" outselling "Hard Choices"
By David Mitchell
You can read Cloud Atlas author David Mitchell's new short story in real time on Twitter
By Thomas Pynchon
RT @filmlinc: Paul Thomas Anderson's INHERENT VICE will have its World Premiere as #NYFF Centerpiece:
By Bel Kaufman
Excellent obit by Margalit Fox: Bel Kaufman, author of "Up the Down Staircase" dead at 103
A new book worth reading: Peter Schuck's "Why Government Fails So Often," a history of policy disappointments.