By David Shafer
Really loving @jaycreal's novel Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. It's excellent.
+1 RT -- gr8t book! @peterbakernyt: That’s an amazing book too, v difft but powerful. @nprgreene Just read The Dead Hand by David Hoffman...
By Amy Alamar
Great book! Parenting for the GENIUS by Amy Alamar Reply w/ #AmazonWishList to add this via @amazon
Thanks! RT @admirrrr: Too Big to Fail by Andrew Ross Sorkin = incredible read.
yep RT @nigelcameron: Terrific scary read. MT @scjordan: If you want some insight … John Barry’s The Great Influenza:
RT @markhalperin: "Sasha and Emma" now in paperback, by my gal, the brilliant & lovely Karen Avrich. @harvard_press
Review praises “shrewd, dark humor” of @janerlaforge’s “Unsuitable Princess”
Finally finished the 14 book Wheel of Time series. Some rough books in the middle but wow Sanderson finished those off well.
By Yangsze Choo
Kindle Daily Deal! My friend's @yangszechoo novel, The Ghost Bride, for $1.99. Over at midnight. I read the draft!
“As You Wish,” about making of Princess Bride, by @cary_elwes & Joe Layden, debuts at No. 3 on the NYT hardcover nonfiction list
Belated happy pub date to @jonathaneig whose book "The Birth of the Pill" is out now. One of the best writers I know.
By Marilynne Robinson
Important story on massive shifts in Iowa by @mikiebarb. While you’re at it, read Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead trilogy
Go go go go! Pre-order like crazy! One click to buy? How about two?
@sawyer_brown If the gift card is a debit card or a prepaid credit card you can, Sawyer. We'll see you on board soon.
By Gillian Flynn
RT @joshbearman: Ah! Now I realize that I sat through Gone Girl so that I could read this NYRB essay that lays it bare:
/4 Joel Klein "Lessons of Hope" Tenure is not about due process. It is undue process.
Correction: mystery entrepreneur bought 575 (575!) copies of Deadly Wandering for congress and other officials
Trying to plug this book by @bjnovak and this dude keeps photobombing me. Anyway, buy it:
RT @tnr: Senator who wrote a climate change book called "The Greatest Hoax" to take over the Senate's environment committee.
RT @mycrush: Read "top of the morning" by @brianstelter for @360pr book club and decided to make the discussion interactive!
RT @josettesheeran: Congrats @randizuckerberg - your book Dot Complicated is Biz book of the Month here in London
By Abraham Lincoln
On this day 151 yrs ago, Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. 1863 @metmuseum pic by Alexander Gardner
By Philip Roth
RT @debbieneedles: Philip Roth writes about re-reading Portnoy's Complaint after 45 yrs in @tmagazine
RT @jasonkincaid: The paperback edition of The Burned-Out Blogger’s Guide to PR is now available! On sale for $9 htt…
By Megan Amram
RT @meganamram: if enough of u buy "SCIENCE...FOR HER!", ill write a sequel, "GRAMMAR...FOR SHE!":
By Anthony Doerr
I've been lost in the novel, "All the Light We Cannot See," by Anthony Doerr. A spectacularly written book.
By Nick Bilton
1/ started @nickbilton's Hatching Twitter a year ago, but I had just signed my book deal and its impressiveness intimidated me.