By Graeme Simsion
Just finished a hilarious novel, The Rosie Project, by @graemesimsion. It's a romantic comedy and highly recommended!
My book A YEAR OF MIRACLES is a wonderful Christmas present. It's a daily devotional with a spiritual nugget for...
I just finished WHO'S JU? (7th Grade Sleuths Book 1) by @daniadania! Great read for kids of any age!
RT @jmtaychi: Awesome to hear @rosie read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander over the holiday break- now she should appear on #theview
RT @angelwriternow: STAND UP FOR YOUR LIFE by @coachoncall CHERYL RICHARDSON.Love her wise words and destiny directions for courage, confid…
@danita_35 @girlshbo - let's pretend this never happened - best book ever
By Marianne Williamson
RT @mstayedesiree: I finished A Return To Love, now it's time for The Daily Love #spiritjourney @mastinkipp
By don Miguel Ruiz
Connection between Mind and Quantum Mechanics. Physicists & neuroscientists discuss here-edited by me & @mckafatos
Max @tegmark explores ultimate reality in his new book Our Mathematical Universe. Watch our #ONEWORLD conversation
RT @claudiayoga: Become An Idea Machine: Now Available in Paper Back, Kindle (2.99) coming soon! via @jaltucher
RT @freddiec504: Check out @devonfranklin Produced By Faith - DeVon Franklin it's worth your time because you are worth it!!
By Amie Stuart
Bionca @Bionca Is Reading
Now reading: "The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace" by Jeff Hobbs for @bellametaphor's book club.
RT @kelseylmunger: "I have a lot of faith and a lot if fear a lot of the time." @annelamott from Small Victories, page 6.
By Nicholas D. Kristof
RT @globalcitizenyr: Check out @apathappears - a powerful new documentary by @nickkristof as a follow up to Half the Sky.