An amazing book on Meditation for all : If You're Doing It, You're Doing It Right:
By Nicholas D. Kristof
RT @claudiac: Awesome deal on an amazing book - Half the Sky by @nickkristof $1.99 - get it now. No seriously. Get i…
By Jane Unrue
By Kira Lynne Allen
Here is a link to Kira Allen's @writethissecond gorgeous passionate truth-telling book of poetry, Write This Second:
By Kate Mulgrew
RT @ddtl10: Kate Mulgrew on 'Born With Teeth' @rosie This is a great interview. I know you loved Kate Mulgrew on "Ry…
I'm honored to have written the foreword of "This Is Your Do-Over", by my good friend @drmikeroizen. Take a look:
My friend @lorraine_bracco has an inspiring new book available today: Also, catch her on the show with me on 4/28!
.@lorraine_bracco's new book's about living life #ToTheFullest. If that doesn't interest u, u should probably read it
By Wayne W. Dyer
Reading again "Real Magic, Creating Miracles in Everyday Life" by @drwaynewdyer. We have to affirm and focus on what we want in our lives.
the need 2 feel - love is more than real - stew - passing strange #lifeisamusical
A beautiful book about the eternal connection with those who have passed beyond the veil…...
RT @seline_shenoy: I’m currently reading Produced by Faith by @devonfranklin I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to write an amazing …
WOW! Thanks! RT @feferang Congrats @deepakchopra 2 of your books made this list: The Books of the Century 1900-1999
By Katie McGarry
RT @abc7newsbayarea: AMAZING VIDEO: A daredevil speed snowboarder is pushing the limits by hitching a ride behind an airplane!
Scion Of Ikshvaku , the new book of Shiva Trilogy writer @authoramish is releasing on Jun 22 ! Love his work !
.@briangrazer has written a book called #ACuriousMind. If you’re curious about it, you can find out more right here.
Another book to read: A Curious Mind: The Secret To A Bigger Life by Brian Grazer, #IndigoBooks via @chaptersindigo
There’s a meaningful life out there for all of us! @mallikachopra shares her story in #LivingWithIntent her new book
RT @chopracenter: Join Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love for this FREE 30-minute webinar.
When I saw the trailer of "Inside Out" by Pixar I thought of the book #UntetheredSoul. A movie about the roommates on our heads! Cute! :D
By MB Caschetta
RT @wendyliebman: Just finished MB @caschetta's genius debut novel Miracle Girls. (@rosie Produce the movie)
RT @chrisbeymer1: The book Choose Yourself needs to be in the hands of more people. Its by @jaltucher and is less than a dollar. http://t.c…
@cynthiabondruby @oprah @ibooks @kenlikebarbie I finished the book last week, already reading another book, but still thinking about Ruby!
RT @shawnachor: Signed up for @ariannahuff's #THRIVE O Course yet? I'm taking it (and guest speaking)--sign up to learn w me @kobebryant & …
RT @chrisdonovan: Check out @gstephanopoulos's discussion with author @atticuslish about his book "Preparation for the Next Life" http://t.…
By Deepak Chopra
God: A Story of Revelation by Deepak Chopra | 9780062020680 | Hardcover | Barnes & Noble
By P.A Warren
Reading #UtmostLiving by @timstorey! I wanted to read "Comeback & beyond" 1st because of @supersoulsunday,but somehow I got pulled to this.
By Phillipa Ashley
.@dgelles' Mindful Work is out today. All about how meditation is changing business from the inside out! #mindfulwork
RT @brianstelter: Simon & Schuster confirms to me: they're printing 10,000 new copies of @carr2n's "Night of the Gun." (Order here: http://…
RT @areadersheaven: "Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny, and the American Dream" by @deepakchopra & @sanjiv_chopra is on #sale for $1.99 - http:/…
Did you get your copy today? O's Little Book Of Happiness by O, The Oprah Magazine, #IndigoBooks via @chaptersindigo