By Stephen Hawking
I want to read A Brief History of Time to my grandkids, & start early so they can finish it like I never did! #Take10
Listening to @ariannahuff makes me want to read "Thrive" and go get some sleep @huffingtonpost
By Todd Moss
By Graham Greene
@david_dobbs @maggiekb1 Graham Greene. The End of the Affair. Not the best book I read, but most recent fiction I finished.
@david_dobbs @maggiekb1 Graham Greene. The End of the Affair. Not the best book I read, but most recent fiction I finished.
@nickkristof @mje51 Thanks, Nick. You should talk! You seem to be all over the globe! Congrats on A Path Appears
RT @kgarvelink: Such an outstanding year for new books. Anticipating this month's release of A Path Appears by @nickkristof and WuDunn. #pu
Can't wait for this book! Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation
By Jerry A. Coyne
Gorgeous wildlife from my Uganda trip, posted by Jerry Coyne on Why Evolution is True | http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.c... via @evolutionistrue
By Ernest Cline
Just finished Ready Player One (@erniecline) Checked Twitter to see that @mlevchin @dmorey @markpinc & @sweetlew had beat me. Like the game.
RT @markie_jay06: A6: @teachforamerica @bellhooks Teaching to Transgress is a practical text for educators to create #SAFEclassrooms
The end of neighbours (inspired in part by Susan Pinker's forthcoming The Village Effect) via @macleansmag
By Robert A. Heinlein
Grockit is a play on “grok” from the book Stranger in a Strange Land. #Grok means “to understand profoundly and intuitively.” #origin
By Paul Black
"The presence of a black teacher says to children that we care about education." - @kennylattimore #DreamRiseDo
RT @oljuman: Reading: "Things a Little Bird Told Me" by @biz. Fascinating read on the power of creativity. #inspiring
By David Mitchell
RT @mmarchioneap: +1 MT @medskep Learning to live with son's autism | by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas author. Excelle…
Vacation reading: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander. Essential reading post-Ferguson (and pre-Ferguson)
Video from our forum with @limlouisa on the People's Republic of Amnesia is now available
By Virginia Woolf
@dewitt To the Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf. Read by Virginia Leishman.
By Margaret Wise Brown
RT @miafarrow: RT @whitneynyt: "Goodnight nobody." What writers can learn from the children's book Goodnight Moon. Draft @nytopinion http:/…
@ashwinpat Social Physics which tries to characterize the physics of social behavior& ideas transmission, etc
Today's #StaffPicks is from @furnace33 who recommends @nireyal's How to Build Habit-Forming Products
RT @prasanna: "So although active trading produces some useful liquidity, most of it just produces statistical noise"
Just pre-ordered @econtalker's new book interpreting Adam Smith. Self-recommending.
Why would people deliberately remain stateless? "The Art of Not Being Governed" by James C. Scott via @nabilhashmi
RT @aidthoughts: Patents and the global diffusion of drugs (basically what slows or speeds up @charlesjkenny 's Getting Better)
Interview with Christina Hoff Sommers: Author, Who Stole Feminism?
RT @karlrove: Thoughtful summer read: "Where the Jobs Are: Entrepreneurship & Soul of the American Economy"
RT @phylogenomics: This is a v. important read: @familyunequal eviscerates Nick Wade's godawful book "A troublesome inheritance" http://t.c…
By Zelda la Grange
RT @annabelcnn: Zelda la Grange, author of Good Morning, Mr Mandela tells @camanpour "I was a full on racist by the time I started working …
RT @ryanavent: Hey, three years after I published this: someone finally wrote up the argument in a paper: http://t.c…
RT @sjprize: Being Mortal @atul_gawande @profilebooks the realities of aging and dying as seen by a surgeon, on #SJPrize longlist http://t.…