By Graeme Simsion
Just finished a hilarious novel, The Rosie Project, by @graemesimsion. It's a romantic comedy and highly recommended!
@notrelluf If you are interested in long-term thinking, not short-term stimulus, you might have a look at my book The Price of Civilization.
And if u didn't buy it last year what better for season of peace & goodwill: @sapinker 's better angels of our nature...
RT @rupehart: Years ago I read & loved Artificial Life by @stevenlevy. Finally found time to play with the ideas, here's the result http://…
By Thomas Mann
16 days to Davos: Robert Louis Stevenson wrote parts of Treasure Island in #Davos & Thomas Mann set his novel The Magic Mountain here #wef15
RT @jimprosser: Now would be a good time to go read @stevenlevy's book "Crypto" -- we've seen this movie before from governments. http://t.…
@nikolina_12 Or please read The End of Poverty where I precisely discuss how to integrate social, political, economic analysis.
RT @spelmanpsych: Thinking about reading a book over the break? Join @corybooker in reading "The New Jim Crow" by Michelle Alexander https:…
E-book of The Age of Sustainable Development will be available January 20, the hardcover & paperback early March.
RT @jennyboylan: It's a good moment to remember @katebornstein 's brilliant and life saving book, HELLO CRUEL WORLD. Trans folks in crisis…
Upside of Down currently priced < copy of Sunday NYT. Does have fewer pictures, but much sturdier paper stock.
Another book I am really looking forward to reading soon: @davidtlang's Zero to Maker from @makermedia
By Ben Goldacre
@charlesornstein @john_lamattina @tgoetz @carinaalm @bengoldacre reading Bad Science or Bad Pharma is like putting on a new pair of glasses.
By John Lanchester
In review I said Lanchester's How to Speak Money had no entry on CDS But this edition has one:
Americans should read Blum's Killing Hope to see how CIA kills in their name. Others should read to know the danger.
By Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman's famous book was "The World is Flat." He's working on new one "The World is Fast." #Davos #WEF #WEF15
RT @stevesilberman: The #autism book I've been working on for 5 years is now available for pre-order. Hooray! http:/…
Few economists actually read Keynes. Start w/ Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919) & Tract on Monetary Reform.
Published in paper next week: Plato at the Googleplex: Why Philosophy Won't Go Away by Rebecca Goldstein via @amazon
RT @studiobelee: Twitter Fans: Today on Kindle $2.99 - Things a Little Bird Told Me: Confessions of the Creative Mind by @biz
I did, very important read RT @drw20 Wonder if Sen. Cory Booker read 'The Collapse of American Criminal Justice"
Live tweeting our Forum with @b_eichengreen talking about his new book, Hall of Mirrors, moderated by @hiltzikm of LA Times. Stay tuned...
@charlesornstein @john_lamattina @tgoetz @carinaalm @bengoldacre reading Bad Science or Bad Pharma is like putting on a new pair of glasses.
RT @henryholt: Mortality and its Discontents. Timothy Egan on @atul_gawande's 'Being Mortal' for the @nytimes.
Just read terrific book The Brothers by Stephen Kinzer about Allen & John Foster Dulles. Origins of neocon policy disasters. Shut the CIA!
If anybody hasn't read @sethmnookin's "The Panic Virus" on how people became terrified of lifesaving vaccines, now would be a good time.
The best thing about my 5 hr flight delay in Gunnison airport yesterday was that I made time to read @amandapalmer's Art of Asking. Big win!
By J.R.R. Tolkien
RT @openculture: Download 8 Free Lectures on The Hobbit by “The Tolkien Professor,” Corey Olsen
By Abraham Lincoln
January 1, 1863: President Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation, setting us on the road to abolishing slavery. #ThisDayInHistory
By Nicholas D. Kristof
RT @globalcitizenyr: Check out @apathappears - a powerful new documentary by @nickkristof as a follow up to Half the Sky.
Shoutout to Leta Hong Fincher "Leftover Women" on list of foreign policy books by women.