By Nicholas D. Kristof
RT @claudiac: Awesome deal on an amazing book - Half the Sky by @nickkristof $1.99 - get it now. No seriously. Get i…
I know a few ppl I would like to send this book to: Hollowed Out:Why The Econ Doesn't Work W/O A Strong Middle Class
My book of the week: The deeply intelligent, beautifully written 'Midnight's Furies: the Deadly Legacy of India's Partition' by Nisid Hajari
RT @wsbis: @atul_gawande We love The Checklist Manifesto. It made our list of best books for startup founders.
RT @elizabethlcline: Yes, I did read the brilliant @jeffdsachs The Age of Sustainable Development just for fun. Should be required reading …
Wrote on Geoff Smart's research on hiring in Checklist Manifesto. Now his team's book on leadership research is out:
RT @gladwell: Fareed Zakaria's new book is brilliant! The case for the liberal arts.
Price isn't always the crucial factor in #markets. Economist Alvin Roth discusses "Who Gets What — and Why 6:30 PT
Anne Kreamer's Risk/Reward: I love how she gets Jim Cramer, Po Bronson, Quindlen and others to talk risk and careers
SuperPower: understand the potential paths forward for American foreign policy Awesome read @ianbremmer #election2016
By Meg Wolitzer
RT @sarahkliff: Vox’s Summer Reading List! 28 awesome books to read this summer, including my pick: Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings. http:/…
My book of the week from the show: 'The Upright Thinkers,' by Leonard Mlodinow, traces the history of human progress
Mooc on media/news literacy from @dangillmor Important. Published Dan's book We The Media years ago. Still matters!
RT @rachelswaby: Today is the day! My book Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science—and the World is officially out.
RT @martyn_amos: Spotted @stevenlevy's Artificial Life on Dawkins' bookshelf, here A book that hugely influenced my …
By Charles Dickens
@activeducator Have you read Dickens' Hard Times? Mr Gradgrind's school of facts remains a model for many classrooms
RT @anildash: Best news I've heard today (it's still early!) is that Zuck is reading The New Jim Crow:
RT @j_hayer: "The End of Poverty" was the book that finally contextualized how we can address global poverty for me. Thanks @jeffdsachs @el
Our Book of the Week from Sunday's show: "Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution"
By John Green
RT @safaribot: Bryson Payne's "Teach Your Kids to Code" is the most engaging book on @safari now
RT @juliaoftoronto: Charlatans like Dr. Oz and Dr. "Grain Brain" Perlmutter are giving doctors a bad name
By Sam Newman
RT @safaribot: "Building Microservices" by Sam Newman is our most popular book on @safari right now