By Randy Pausch
RT @petrillic: Kathy Sierra's new book is cut from the same awesomecloth as Randy Pausch's last lecture. Help other people be amazing.
RT @taffytwoshoes: #WhatMattersMost @atul_gawande Great story on Frontline "Being Mortal." I am overwhelmed with decision-making efforts no…
@xhensila20 My favorites: Michael Munger on 'euvoluntary', Robert Frank on Coase, Joshua Greene on 'moral tribes'. Least favorite: me.
@laurieoakley217 I mean, @bengoldacre devotes a whole book chapter to why we know MMR works, and the guy wrote the book on "Bad Pharma".
@dmj43 Please read my book The Price of Civilization. You will learn the detailed information to help understand our political reality.
By Arwen Elys Dayton
My friend @arwenelysdayton’s book Seeker is out today. If you like epic, futuristic teen fantasy, check it out!
I'm excited to be launching my new book The Age of Sustainable Development at World Bank on Friday. Onward to SDGs!
Live tomorrow at 12:30pm: @jeffdsachs presents The Age of Sustainable Development: #wblive
RT @rupehart: Years ago I read & loved Artificial Life by @stevenlevy. Finally found time to play with the ideas, here's the result http://…
YES!!!" 2 see #edreform discussion merge w/ bigger convo re.. world we're creating 4 r children.. @anya1anya's The Test"
A charming & informative scientific memoir: Tales fm Both Sides of the Brain Michael Gazzaniga (I wrote a foreword.)
Lee: Social Marketing 101: Use effective communication techniques - social marketing can be fun! #IFPRILive
RT @berkun: Are you a fan of Kathy Sierra? Her new book is out today and it's excellent: #design #products #startup
RT @sjauhar: My review in @nytimes of @erictopol new book, The Patient Will See You Now. #PWSYN. Basically, I liked it!
RT @ct_women: From the bestselling authors behind "Half the Sky," an insightful new book on global charity @nickkris
Why Civil Resistance Works by Chenoweth & Stephan: 1 of the most important books of the 21st century. via @amazon
By Thomas Friedman
Thomas Friedman's famous book was "The World is Flat." He's working on new one "The World is Fast." #Davos #WEF #WEF15
By Ernest Hemingway
RT @patrickstanton: Rare rainy CA Sunday morning reading Stephen King's It. @twellie joins me. Her book? Hemingway's A Moveable Feast. #…
Another book I am really looking forward to reading soon: @davidtlang's Zero to Maker from @makermedia
RT @chrisdonovan: Check out @gstephanopoulos's discussion with author @atticuslish about his book "Preparation for the Next Life" http://t.…
By Harper Lee
Harper Lee’s sequel to 'To Kill a Mockingbird' will be released this summer.
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax #HappyBirthdayDrSeuss
By Roland Smith
Way to go @msmithdc! RT @insidephilanthr: The Urgency of Now: Michael Smith and the White House's Message to Funders
RT @stevesilberman: The #autism book I've been working on for 5 years is now available for pre-order. Hooray! http:/…
Can Students Have Too Much Tech? NY Times op-ed By Susan Pinker, author of The Village Effect.
I did, very important read RT @drw20 Wonder if Sen. Cory Booker read 'The Collapse of American Criminal Justice"
If anybody hasn't read @sethmnookin's "The Panic Virus" on how people became terrified of lifesaving vaccines, now would be a good time.