About BookVibe

BookVibe digs through your Twitter stream to show you books being discussed by your friends (the people you follow). We have bought a ton of books ourselves from our friends’ “book streams” and we hope that you will enjoy seeing what books your friends are talking about. We compile this for you on one handy page and send out a weekly email digest highlighting books from your book stream. Please subscribe today. You can unsubscribe any time, but we don’t think that you will want to ;-)

One other fun thing you can do is check out the book stream of any of your friends, politicians or celebrities on Twitter. It’s as easy as popping their Twitter handle at the end of this link http://www.bookvibe.com/people/ BookVibe is a beta, so please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or bug reports for us. We are fine tuning constantly.

Now for the corporate stuff: BookVibe is a Parakweet product. Parakweet is a company, led by a team of computer scientists, that has developed advanced natural language processing algorithms to accurately extract entities accurately from the massive amounts of data flowing through Twitter and other social streams. In plain English that means that we can tell the difference between the movie “The Help,” the book “The Help” and general discussions about “the help.”

This “entity extraction” stuff is hard to do well -- precisely identifying discussions that are actually about books in jargon-filled social media chatter is challenging. For instance, out of around 500 million tweets a day, traditional text matching search techniques would return around 10 million tweets a day that could be book titles, but the actual number of tweets about books is around 300,000 per day. Our technology handles these distinctions with very high precision.

Now, stop reading about us and go to www.BookVibe.com and find some great books that your friends are recommending...

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